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Creative Content

I empower entrepreneurs, influencers, and business owners by creating unique and authentic content to show up for thier audience and strengthen thier brand.

let me help you show up with single sessions starting at $700 or unique subscription-based memberships starting at just $200 a month

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I'm obsessed! 

Creative content is much more than the traditional headshot of the past. Membership services provide you with fresh content that strengthens your brand, establishes your media presence, and shows off the best of who you are and what you offer the world!  


hear it from my clients:

"If your looking for a soft feminine head shot that has the best lighting and brings out the best in you! Then Tracy is your WOMAN— In fact I’m trying to convince her to brand herself as ‘THE HEADSHOT QUEEN.’

-Sage Aubrey

My creative content clients say I’m fun, full of energy, and joyful—and that I’ve empowered them by creating a safe place to have fun and relax. And that’s exactly why I do what I do. 

" When I met Tracy, I knew immediately that I would love her, but I had NO idea just how invaluable she'd be for the growth and identity of my business.  After our first shoot together, it was apparent that I'd want in on what she offers for creatives through her membership program. She is an expert at making people feel incredibly comfortable in front of the camera in a nuanced way that doesn't even make you feel like you're getting your picture taken. She has clear but comforting posing direction, and has given me a level of confidence I never knew I could achieve. She practically reads my mind with how I'm feeling, and is able to take that energy and channel it into a true partnership to bring out the best in me. It's hard to put into words how WORTH IT the combination of Tracy's work, personality and end product truly is. When you book her, you book her heart and soul as well as images that will take your brand to the next level. She's a perfectionist in all the best ways, and she is exempt of any ego which allows her to provide her clients with exactly what they came for. She has given me content that has lasted for months and never feels old, and it's so nice to have ongoing shoots through her membership so I can keep my social media fresh. I CANNOT speak highly enough of Tracy, she's a master of her craft and a truly gifted photographer!"


"My cheeks hurt from smiling so much after seeing the pictures that Tracy took...Wow. Talent over and over again. The experience and product are just so out of this world. Thanks Tracy!

Bella Vasta