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EVENTive Entrepreneurs

Episode  #60

Tracy Ann Battaglia is the founder & owner of Fully Alive Photography and Finding Joy Consulting. Is "multi-mom-preneur " a word?? Tracy Is a  photographer, author, small business consultant, website designer,& wife.

Tracy Shares her story of owning and operating  two businesses, from the perspective of a mom, wife & over a decade as an entrepreneur. Talking about launched Finding Joy Consulting during the COVID crisis while homeschooling her son for a year. Hear more about how & why the consulting, courses & websites came to life and and more about her photography & full on branding experience memberships. 

Savvy, Booked & Blessed

Episode  #44

Your host Devonee Thaxton is joined by the owner and CEO of Fully Alive Photography, Finding Joy Consulting, and Fully Alive Events. Tracy launched her first business “Fully Alive Photography” in 2006 after graduating with a degree in painting and film. As a wedding, lifestyle, and branding photographer, her goal was to simply help others feel fully alive and get past their fear of being behind the camera. She launched her second business “Finding Joy Consulting,” in 2020 to empower others to start, understand and grow their businesses. In this episode, we talk about how Tracy helps entrepreneurs launch, develop and elevate their brands with custom consulting, interactive courses/workshops, websites, design work, branding photography, and creative content.



"Tracy takes care of her clients like no one else we've seen. Her work is truly magical."

"Tracy's eye is absolutely unparalleled in the industry. We can't get enough of her work!


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