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Not Just Photoshoots...
Say Hello To Your All Inclusive Branding Specialist, Creative Director & Content Creator!

i offer an elevated branding experience that is not only fun and life-giving but also incredibly impactful and organized to help you level up and grow your brand intentionally.

I help people Show Up authentically & beautifully with high Quality Gorgeous Personalized lifestyle, portrait, editorial & product Photography combined with creative direction, brand coaching + small business education

everything from Product photography, event coverage, storytelling, Flatlays and Most importantly-I will help         show up


oh and did I mention I offer subscription memberships to my services?

Book a membership or agency package to Get Access To My 200 page branding guidebook &  printable worksheets

What is in my guidebook?
  • 17 years of Entrepreneurship Advice
  • Story Branding Basics & Color theory
  • My creative & visionary mind
  • access to & knowledge of locations
  • wardrobe Advice & experience
  • vendor connections 
  • Printable Worksheets For planning

I have everything prepared for you to LOVE your brand and look forward to working with me every time! 

agency Bonus

"the reason lifestyle content is so effective...

is because it connects with the customer through the brands personality.

Storytelling through photography and video increases your customers conversion rate, loyalty and how they really relate with your brand."

-shopify brand expert

→ you want your content and branding to grow with you rather than get stagnate and stale

→ you are sick of stock photography

→ you want something easy, Flexible, ongoing and reliable with SERIOUS PERKS & DISCOUNTS

→ you want different looks for your content throughout the year

→ you are featuring several different things each month or quarter

→ you are offering products that rotate

→ you own multiple businesses

→ you need an event photographed

→ you aren't ready for a membership yet (book a membership within 1 month from your brand shoot & enjoy $100 off your first month!)

→ you want to add  a special extended shoot to your membership

→ you have staff/team that needs headshots for bios

→ you are launching a new small business or big rebrand

→ you have a new offerings for a specific project that needs captured just once

→ you ARE LOST BECOMING an entrepreneur 

→ you need a refresher on all things business + CONTENT

→ you are launching a new business or big re-brand

→ you need some serious content in one big shoot

→ you need a website & content for the website

→ you want to take advantage of photo & STYLING in one amazing team that flows together seamlessly

this is the plan for you if...


branding bundles

Stand Alone Projects & Events

this is the plan for you if...

this is the plan for you if...

this is the plan for you if...

this is the plan for you if...

goodbye blank stares & cookie cutter images. Goodbye "what To Do with my Hands" Awkward moments where you feel stupid or hate your photos!

are you scared to jump in because you might look baD or just feel awkward? Or maybe you just don't know what to do with your hands???? 

 It's a real and human fear.

hello fun, life giving and joyful experience


Research shows that high quality photography of your business is essential because...

→ it will help potential clients value your business. If you value your presence and curate what you put customer facing they will too. THEY ASSOCIATE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY AND ONLINE CONTENT WITH THE QUALITY OF YOUR PRODUCT OR BRAND.

→ catches readers interest immediately and improves your online visibility.

→ SEO favors images and so forth images are vital to ranking high in search engines.

→ Personalized branding over stock photograph actually shows off YOUR business and shows clients EXACTLY who and what they are working with

don't let fear    shut you down

I've got you! I will guide you through a life-giving fun photography experience that will help you feel and look good and while showing up authentically. It is uniquely designed TO CAPTURE YOUR HEART, PERSONALITY AND PRODUCTS IN AN ENGAGING WAY TO ATTRACT THE CLIENTS OF YOUR DREAMS.  Your sessions will leave you in love with your photos, thriving as a business, and craving your next photoshoot.

research says it all



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Bridge The Gap with Courses, Consulting, Websites & Photography! And All In One FULL branding experience with my company Finding Joy Consulting

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The Next Level

“Have you ever had photographs that capture emotions, feelings, and moments in time so perfectly that you can’t help sneaking looks at them constantly throughout your day? That’s what Tracy and Fully Alive did for me and my brand. Tracy makes the usually nerve wracking photography process fun and relaxing and it absolutely showed in all of the images. Thank you Tracy for capturing the beauty and depth of Cayla Gray products AND making me feel special and comfortable in my own images. Cannot wait to continue working with you!”

Kelly Kussman

" When I met Tracy, I knew immediately that I would love her, but I had NO idea just how invaluable she'd be for the growth and identity of my business.  After our first shoot together, it was apparent that I'd want in on what she offers for creatives through her membership program. She is an expert at making people feel incredibly comfortable in front of the camera in a nuanced way that doesn't even make you feel like you're getting your picture taken. She has clear but comforting posing direction, and has given me a level of confidence I never knew I could achieve. She practically reads my mind with how I'm feeling, and is able to take that energy and channel it into a true partnership to bring out the best in me. It's hard to put into words how WORTH IT the combination of Tracy's work, personality and end product truly is. When you book her, you book her heart and soul as well as images that will take your brand to the next level. She's a perfectionist in all the best ways, and she is exempt of any ego which allows her to provide her clients with exactly what they came for. She has given me content that has lasted for months and never feels old, and it's so nice to have ongoing shoots through her membership so I can keep my social media fresh. I CANNOT speak highly enough of Tracy, she's a master of her craft and a truly gifted photographer!"

risa Kostis 


Carly Gilleland

"If your looking for a soft feminine head shot that has the best lighting and brings out the best in you! Then Tracy is your WOMAN— In fact I’m trying to convince her to brand herself as ‘THE HEADSHOT QUEEN.’

Sage Aubrey

"My cheeks hurt from smiling so much after seeing the pictures that Tracy took...Wow. Talent over and over again. The experience and product are just so out of this world. Thanks Tracy!

Bella Vasta


hear it from my clients:

My branding, content & editorial clients say strong quality photography has helped their businesses THRIVE. They say working with me is amazing because I’m fun, full of energy, and joyful, they say that I’ve empowered them by creating a safe place to have fun and relax. And that’s exactly WHY I do what I do. 

How to Best Use All That Great Content

Are you lost implementing and using all this fabulous content to grow your business?
I want to help you!

Check out my LAUNCH course for anyone wanting to start a business, or simply understand anything they missed in the entrepreneurs journey. If you have the framework but are struggling with something specific consider my custom consulting packages to get through it with another mind at work in your corner.

Then let's put all that content to good use with a gorgeous professional stand-apart website to put your best foot forward for their first impression!

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Finding Joy COnsulting

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The LookBook

Creative content is much more than the traditional headshot of the past. Membership services provide you with fresh content that strengthens your brand, establishes your media presence, and shows off the best of who you are and what you offer the world!  Check out the below collection of content, editorial work, and branding images I've created for local and national brands!